The Burgeoning Cheetos Art Scene
Easily the most significant art movement since the last most significant art movement, Cheetlism has quickly taken the world by storm. Now watch as four Cheetos artists create masterpieces sure to be discussed for hundreds, if not thousands of seconds.

Episode 1: Spiderweb and Silk Screen Chester

Watch two artisans redefine neo-retro-postmodernism with their stunning displays of Cheetos art. First, your very existence will be questioned as you lay your eyes on a Cheetos spiderweb complete with a flaming hot spider. Then prepare to be amazed as a silk screen artist creates a masterpiece with the help of her muse, Chester Cheetah.

Episode 2: Tiki God and Cheetos Dress

First watch one Cheetos artist juxtapose chaos and order to craft a garment so polarizing, it may cause more than one fashion guru to verbally assault himself. Then peer into the soul of a man whose crippling obsession with tiki culture proves to be the inspiration for his latest creation: an earth-shattering tiki god bathed in heavenly cheese.

Episode 3: Taking Cheetlism to the Streets

Four artists. One show. Thousands of Cheetos. Behold, the birth of a new artistic movement as Cheetlism is displayed in public for the very first time. Warning: you may be moved to tears.

Picture Gallery:

Take a look at how four Cheetos artists took to the streets and started what is easily the third most significant Cheetos art movement of the past three years.

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