The Bro Show

Curtis and Jeff claimed they'd do anything to get their own web series on "Anything??" we asked. "ANYTHING," they repeated. Now they're the stars of The Bro Show - an original series by that tosses the guys into a variety of surprise challenges, each one testing the limits of their physical and mental prowess. Do Curtis and Jeff have what it takes to endure every challenge? Watch The Bro Show and find out...

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  • jeff
  • Profile

    Hometown: San Francisco, CA

    Strength: Mind Control

    Weakness: Mind control only works on himself

    Likes: Pineapples and book clubs

    Dislikes: Filling out dumb surveys with questions such as likes, dislikes, strength, and weakness

  • curtis
  • Profile

    Hometown: Fontana, CA

    Strength: Can drive both manual and automatics

    Weakness: Has no reflection

    Likes: Concise one-word sentences that describe himself

    Dislikes: Post-Colonial literature

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