Create a cool Flash game.
Upload your cool Flash game to Break.
If we like your game and want to feature it, we will contact you with a cash offer (you will still be free to distribute your game elsewhere online).
With over 17 million monthly visitors, Break is a great way to make money for your original Flash game and provide tons of exposure to the creators.

If we pay you for a game, we will sponsor it. Sponsor it means that we insert an intro page with our logo and links on it. You can still submit your game to Flashplayer, Newgrounds, and any other websites you want, as long as all copies of the game include the agreed upon links and logos.

We have no problem with you including your own name and links to your portfolio somewhere in the game. We want you to have fans!

In order to qualify for a game sponsorship the game must be original and exclusive (i.e., not previously distributed on the Internet.) You must also own full exclusive rights to the game and be prepared to show us part of the source code as proof. We will not sponsor any games without seeing the fully functional and complete game first.

We currently pay exclusively via Pay Pal to ensure we can pay people all over the world.