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Make sure to include the tag "WGA" when uploading your submission. See contest details below.
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A.   Contest runs officially from the date the WGA strike is officially authorized until December 5th, 2007, or until the WGA strike is resolved, whichever comes earlier

B.   This Contest is governed in all respects by the Terms of Use, including without limitation those provisions regarding the submission of Materials.

C.   All submissions must be made pursuant to this Content Submission Form, and all terms and conditions must be agreed to by initialing the applicable boxes. The terms and conditions in the Content Submission Form shall also govern this Contest.

D.   Contest winners will be notified by e-mail to the e-mail address they provided on the Content Submission Form

E.   To be entitled to payment, contest winners will be required to sign a hard copy of the Content Submission Form to confirm their agreement to the online form, to provide other information as may be requested including, without limitation, their telephone number and address and to submit the original media containing the winning content.

F.   The determination of contest winners is in the sole discretion of User ratings of content may or may not be considered in making this determination.

G.   Make sure to include the tag "WGA" when uploading your submission.
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